About Strike

My name is Brennan Thomas.

I've been lucky enough to work as a Photographer for around 20 years.

I'm also lucky enough to have an amazing wife, shoot assistant and Tortilla maker called Tracey and two high performance young sons.

Curiously I have a sister who is a talented painter and brother who is a full time illustrator, so I guess it made some kind of sense that a camera was thrown into the mix somewhere.

I discovered the camera while it was still in the era of films and darkrooms, and then cut my teeth the usual manner with tertiary study followed by slogging and assisting folks already in the professional game while based in Wellington.

I still shoot film for my personal work. Unfortunately I have over 10,000 odd frames of negative that I must scan one day/one decade.

After learning a few tricks and tips while assisting, I took up a position as in house photographer for the Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences (University of Otago) based at Wellington Hospital.

I was fortunate enough to be under the guidance of Louise Goosens, a true master of the specialty.

I learnt plenty and still consider this role quite pivotal.

Naturally it taught me further about Photography and human anatomy, but it was the education in humanity I value most from here.

It taught me to be a better human I think.

We loved our time in Poneke, but as the years went on the allure of city life began to wane.

On a mid winter road trip in 2005 Gisborne was discovered. It was a well timed spell of sunshine, pumping waves and chance encounters with some good local folk. We were seduced by its many charms and the Strike Photography plan was conceived.

We pulled the Wellington anchor and set the sails north by north east.

We have never looked back, and the love for Turanaganui-a-Kiwa and its people is stronger than ever.