You name it...

If one word could be used to describe our services, it would probably be "versatility".

Working in Gisborne with people doing all kinds of amazing things, you get approached with some interesting briefs. Photographically, they all pose individual challenges and require more than just the newest piece of technology to counteract.

As you can see in the gallery section there are images that range from crayfish tails to extrusion plastics, biodynamic wine to orthodontics.  Past training and experience across a broad range of photographic fields is applied to feel comfortable, no matter the brief - so don’t be shy.

A standard week involves studio product photography, macro work, landscapes, weddings, events and architectural imagery...Up in helicopters, teetering on ladders or down on my guts in the grass, we are willing and able to create for you.

Our large central city studio is equipped with quality Broncolor lighting and accessories to make the most of the controlled environment, and while on location the accompaniment of an Elinchrom Ranger portable creative lighting system assures that no matter the conditions, you're covered.

Documentary work is a strength of ours - basically telling a story with images. A picture tells a thousand words, but you do have to spell those words correctly. All brands and businesses no matter how big or small have a tale to tell.

This non-invasive documentary style is applied to the wedding work we undertake from time to time. When shooting weddings there are thousands of amazing lil moments that happen naturally without having to force them.