Strike Photography is a cheeky little operation that thinks big.

Our intention is to provide high quality commercial imagery to those with similar ambition.

To replicate beauty, or coax it from the mundane.

With strengths that span from detailed studio work and clinical and research photography, to rolling about in the muck on location, we will do what ever it takes to get that shot, using modern technology with a touch of old school nous.

Behind the machine is photographer Brennan Thomas. 40 years old. Average height and build - nothing spectacular at all from the outside.

With a sister as a painter and brother an illustrator, it almost seems choreographed that the camera be involved somewhere in this Thomas genial line.

Brennan cut his teeth in the usual manner. Discovering the camera early and slogging it out through subjective photography panels, followed by tertiary commercial training at UCOL, then slogging and assisting while based in Wellington.

After learning a few tricks from some talented established photographers around the capital, Brennan took up a position as in house Photographer for the University of Otago, based in the Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Wellington Public Hospital. Here the prime purpose of his role was to provide photographic support to the school and Wellington Hospital, covering a wide range or requirements from Post mortem work for Pathologists and the Coroner, Photography of detailed procedures in Theatre, to any number of "more regular" non-clinical requirements as demanded by large institutions such as these.

In places like this, and thinking back to some of the subject matter encountered, there was no time for second shots, re-thinks or trial and error. The University was also very well equipped with both equipment and smart and talented people, Brennan fed off both, absorbing as much as possible during the 4 years spent here.

However he held an Achilles heel, A curse called surfing.

All surfers are travellers, and one winter on one of these particular travels, Gisborne was discovered.  Brennan and his then new wife Tracey were seduced by its charms and as a result Strike Photography was conceived. Wellington anchor pulled, sails set north by north east.

Now, 13 years on they have not looked back.  

Talk is cheap as they say- So please do take time to look over Brennan’s work in the gallery section.

All the best.

Strike Photography.